21 Proven Benefits of Red Light Therapy

 red light therapy

Red light therapy can bring back youth to your face – Without botox and surgeries. Red light waves can relieve your pain – Without medication. They can eliminate scars and win the war on acne – Without any side effects.

Facts or fiction?

Red light therapy seems to be gaining enourmous popularity in recent years, and I’m here to seperate facts from fiction and share with you only the science based benefits of red light therapy. Interested? Here we go.

What is Red Light Therapy?

Deep penetrating red (and/or infrared)  light therapy is actually a non invasive, unpainful way to bring light in a certain wavelength, felt as heat.

If you are exposed to sunlight every day, than you are exposed to red light too. But NASA has discovered that you can isolate only the red light and leave out UV rays, for example, to only enjoy the positive effects of the sun, without the negative ones.

So..what does red light therapy DO?

 The Proven Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Anti-Aging, Skin Rejuvenation

red light therapy for skin

Red light easily penetrates the skin, boosts circulation and brings more blood and nutrients where ever you point it to.

It also stimulates collagen and elastin production – The best friends of the youthful skin. Collagen helps plump the skin, while elastin firms the skin.

The red light energizes and repairs damaged cells, stimulates collagen and elastin production, which results in younger looking skin, rejuvenated and plumped.

This was proven in more than a few studies – You can see some of them in my research and studies page.

Home devices for anti aging include visible red light at a wavelength of 660 nm – That penetrates tissue to a depth of about 8-10 mm – Making it more beneficial for treating problems close to the surface of the skin, such as:

1. Wrinkles and fine lines

(See my post – Red Light Therapy for Wrinkles – Does it Really Work?)

2. Tightening and firming (non-surgical face lift)

3. Blemishes and redness (by fighting inflammation naturally)

4. Anti-aging

5. Age spots and hyperpigmentation on face, hands, neck

6. Acne scars

If you like what you’re finding here (I sure did when I first found out!), check out my post about the 3 (proven) mind-blowing benefits of red light skin therapy and how you can enjoy them at home – HERE.

Skin Problems

red light therapy for scars

Through increased collagen and elastin production, coupled with boosted blood circulation, red light therapy promotes the healing of your skin, so it can be used effectively for a multitude of skin problems Without medication or chemical lotions and creams.

These benefits were found after discovering the amazing ability of red light waves in healing wounds – Faster and better (while preventing scars too).

When you boost your collagen production it doesn’t only rejuvenate your skin – It repairs any type of skin damage, such as:

  1. Scarring
  2. Burns
  3. Acne Scars
  4. Rosacea
  5. Eczema
  6. Psoriasis
  7. Athlete’s foot

Can you imagine all of these things achieved – Without medication? Without the dermatologist? Without chemicals?

You don’t have to imagine anymore.


Pain Relief

red light therapy for painRed light therapy for pain relief is a gentle, non-invasive, drug-free, and chemical-free alternative that has been shown to reduce and in some cases even eliminate all types of aches and pains.

At first it sounds a little weird: How can light help with chronic back pain, fir example?

Well, it’s quite simple. The infrared light (invisible light) penetrates deep in our body (all the way to the nerves and bones) and repairs/regenerates cell components.

The infrared light also activates the production of endorphins and blocks pain-transmitting chemicals.

The home devices for this purpose typically use Infrared light – Deep penetrating light – at 880 nm and they penetrate to a depth of about 30-40 mm, which makes it an effective pain reliever for:

  1. Herniated and bulging discs
  2. Muscle related back pain
  3. Osteoarthritis
  4. Fibromyalgia
  5. Pulled and strained muscles, Muscle spasms
  6. Inflammation
  7. Nerve injuries
  8. Sports injuries – Bone fractures and chips, sprains, tennis elbow etc.
  9. Neck pain and stiffness
  10. Neuropathy

(To see studies that prove these claims – See my studies page)

See more about red light therapy and the DPL Light Therapy System in this short video:

See my detailed review for the DPL Light Therapy System – HERE.

That’s it folks…Did you count? Exactly 21 benefits of red light therapy.

Here’s a recap:

benefits of red light therapy

If you are concerned about the safety and side effects of red light therapy, I’ve got that covered for you HERE.

And, some of the dozens of scientific studies proving the benefits of red light therapy (Just in case you think I’m making this up…) are:





To your health & happiness,


* Have you ever tried using red light therapy? Share you experience in the comments below…

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  1. Karen says

    I have a Black Card Membership with Planet Fitness. During my initial tour of the gym my guide said that the Red Light Therapy (RLT) was good for your complexion.

    A few months into my membershio I decided to try the RLT not knowing what to expect. Later that evening I mentioned to my boyfend that my face felt smooth.

    I used the RLT for 3 more days & told everyone that I FELT GREAT. I never thought those words would ever cross my lips because I have an extensive medical history of different ailments. (I have had over 20 surgeries & I’ve been written up in two medical journals.) I still have chronic pain but overall I feel good.

    I have used the RLT at Planet Fitness nearly everyday. I went to a convention out of town & did not use the RLT for 2 days. The 3rd day I found a tanning booth that offered RLT & gladly paid the $7 charge for one 15 minute session.

    I do not use any RLT lotion although the man at the front desk at the gym tried to sell me a combo-pack of lotions for $63. I’m looking for feedback from other RLT users to see if they got any additional benefits by using the lotions before I spend my money.

  2. Sandra Hess says

    Question: Can Red Light Therapy that is good for building Collagen and Elastin help in thickening thin skin on the forearms of the elderly?

    • says


      If you understand the “logic” behind it than yes, I would say it can do that. I would at least give it a try.
      But I wouldn’t expect results before 1 month at least.

      Good luck!

  3. sandra says

    my husband uses a infrared sauna…is this anything similar to whar you are talking about here

  4. Shirley Rus says

    Trying to find something to help with hair growth and especially to help with the shedding I have experienced more in the past few months. Is RLT helpful for this? Does the light actually have to touch the bare scalp to be helpful?

    • says


      Yes, red light therapy can be helpful for hair loss and yes, the light is supposed to almost touch the scalp.

      You should look for an infrared comb, for some people it works, for others less, you’ll have to try it…

      But I also recommend looking at your lifestyle choices (healthy diet, rich with vitamins and minerals), exercise and boosting your blood circulation – All of which are very helpful to keep your hair strong and healthy.

      Good luck!

  5. Carrie says

    Can RLT help with the dark hollows under the eyes? It appears to be related to depleted volume that also comes with cheek sagging.


  6. Debra says

    I have both a DPL and a LightStim. I have saved literally THOUSANDS of dollars using my DPL on my pets. One of my dogs has an immune system deficiency that causes her to be allergic to plaque on her teeth. I was able to slow the progression of infection, until I was able to get her into the vet for a cleaning 2yrs ago. Last November, it eliminated the need for the cleaning altogether (by using a topical product, as well). My other dog had surgeries on both knees last year and she healed in no time. I used it on my indoor cat, who slipped outside and got into a fight with a neighbor’s cat, leaving her with a large bump on her face, that could’ve easily turned into an abscess.
    For myself, I have kept my facial skin firm and I am presently using my DPL on painful bruising following Laser Varicose Vein removal on my legs. It has also helped with toenail fungus and pain that I have in my lower back from an inoperable synovial cyst. I just ordered a Baby Quasar, as I have read it is even more powerful and can’t wait to get it. Red LED light therapy is the BEST thing EVER invented. No side effects, just spectacular results.

    • says


      Thanks so much for sharing your positive experience, this way people won’t think I’m just making it up…:)

      I’m so glad you found something natural and safe like red light therapy to treat many animal-and-man problems…great!

  7. Rebecca says

    I just read that RLT helps with hair growth (which is pretty awesome) buuut…I fainted about 7years ago and landed on my jaw, which left a scar I’ve wanted to get rid of since and somehow stimulated thick hair growth that is worse than the scar. How would I combat this dilemma if I want to start using RLT?

    • says


      In my experience, red light therapy does not promote hair growth on your face, only on your scalp and eyebrows. I would try it without fear.

      I would also try using coconut oil daily to fade the scar, it really helped me with one scar I had and that has almost diminished entirely.

      Good luck!

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