Philips goLITE BLU Light Therapy Clock Review

philips golite blu review

No way, I thought.

There’s no way that a small blue alarm-clock-looking device can make my winter blues go away and leave me alone. Are you kidding me?

But at some point I couldn’t ignore the growing buzz around blue light therapy for SAD. And I realized that the Philips goLITE BLU is the best-selling one on Amazon, so I had to check it out for myself immediately.

My Philips goLITE BLU Review

The Philips goLITE is a little blue light dispensing clock (Portable & rechargeable) that you’re supposed to place near your face (though not to directly look at) for only 15 minutes every day. The promised result is immediate mood and energy boosting and SAD symptoms relief.

The blue light is supposed to be a non invasive, painless and natural treatment for SAD symptoms,and my research has confirmed that these claims indeed are scientifically proven.

What Does The Blue Light DO?

As you probably know, most cases of SAD are caused due a lack of enough exposure to natural light. That’s why it’s more common in the winter.

The Philips goLITE BLU produces a particular kind of pure blue light that occurs naturally on very sunny, clear days. Special receptors in your eyes absorbs the blue light and gives you the same kind of energy and mood enhancement that you would get from spending time outside on a sunny day.

Does it Work?

I have to say I was skeptical. But I gave it a shot and to my utter surprise, I felt the effects immediately at the end of my first session.

My spirits were lifted, my energy was much higher (compared to the dark morning I had the day before. Metaphorically and literally) and found myself whistling a happy tune while brushing my teeth.

I kept using it every day since and now I am convinced that it works. The Philips goLITE is my official new winter best friend every year.

As for you, you’ll never know until you try, right? But you can get a clearer picture by checking out the reviews on Amazon , just make sure the review you’re reading is from am “Amazon Verified Purchase”. Those are the real reviews.

Is The Philips goLITE Safe for Everyone?

Exposure to blue light is completely safe, and though instructions say that you only need to use for 15 minutes every morning, a longer exposure will have no side effects.

The Philips goLITE emits no UV rays.

But, it should not be used by people suffering from a Bi-Polar disorder. It wasn’t proven to be safe for them yet.

Ease of Use


The device is very easy to use. You can set the light intensity according to what feels right to you, and it’s portable and rechargeable so you can take it with you everywhere and use it any time you’d like (it comes with a travel case too).

You set the timer according to your needs (1-60 min, but 15 minutes were enough for me) by using the touch display and choose the right level of brightness out of the four levels by using the dimmer. Also, set the treatment time alarm to ensure that you don’t miss your session of blue light.

You can do at least 3-4 sessions before you have to charge the battery.

Can You Use it For Travel or at Work?

You definitely can. The included has an electrical input rating of 100/240 volts, which means you can take it with your pretty much all over the world and charge it with a simple travel adapter.

The cord length/adapter is about 18-24″,and after it charges, you can unplug and remove the cord. Easy display  tells you when battery needs recharging.

Is it More or Less Effective than Full Spectrum Light Boxes?

Blue light therapy for SAD is a more new treatment for SAD. The traditional treatment is bright light therapy full spectrum (10,000) light boxes/lamps.

My research has found that both bright and blue light therapy are effective for SAD. The differences between them are:

Most bright light boxes are bigger than the Philips goLITE and take up much more space. Blue light is softer and easier on the eyes than full spectrum light, which is really bright and takes some time to adjust to.

While you are not supposed to look directly at either the bright or blue light, it’s more important to use safety goggles when you use blue light therapy, to be on the safe side when it comes to you eyes.

For a detailed comparison between full spectrum and blue light for SAD – See this post.

How Long Do The LED Bulbs Last?

The durable LEDs in the goLITE BLU can be used 30 minutes a day for 50 years without losing efficiency.That’s the great thing about LEDs.

Does it Have a Warranty?

Yes, it has a 2 year warranty. But as always it doesn’t cover damage resulting from accident, misuse or abuse.

Can The Philips goLITE Be Used for Other Things?

You may be surprised to know that the blue light is the same light that’s used to treat acne. I contacted their support and was told that you can use this device to reduce acne and red spots effectively.

Blue light is proven to be able to destroy acne causing bacteria and serves as a great addition to conventional acne treatments – Without side effects. See more about how to use blue light therapy for acne HERE.

Blue light therapy can be helpful for sleep cycle related problems and can help shift workers and anyone who has trouble falling asleep or waking up (with energy) in the morning.

In my experience and through my research, bright light therapy is more effective for sleep problems. You can learn more about it HERE.

Also, the Philips goLITE is bright enough to read with and it has a dual-mode alarm. You can set it for buzzer alone, light alone or both.


The only issue I found with the Philips goLITE is the sensitivity of its touch screen. It is quite sensitive and can be reset easily. But, changing it back is not as easy. You’ll have to be careful to not accidentally set the alarm. Waking up in the middle of the night to a bright blue light is not a pleasant experience.


Wow. More than 100$ seems quite expensive for an alarm clock with blue light, doesn’t it? But I guess it’s all about priorities. I would rather spend this amount of money on a device that will finally relieve my winter sadness, instead of buying a fancy dress or going to 2 more gourmet restaurants.

To see Amazon’s today’s special price go HERE. They usually have the best princes and an important return policy.

Who Should & Shouldn’t Use The Philips GoLITE BLU

Anyone who suffers from a nasty mood and constant fatigue (and anger caused by it) should give the Philips goLITE a chance to help like it did me. People suffering from mild depression, even if it’s not season related, would also benefit from it.

Anyone who travels a lot and suffers from jet lag would also find it to be of great help.

People suffering from Bi-Polar disorder should not use the Philips goLITE at all and people taking “harsh” medication should consult with their doctor first.

Bottom Line

The Philips goLITE has kept its promise to relieve my winter blues and keeps doing so every day since I got it. I find it easy to use, I take it with me when I travel and use the alarm settings to make it wake me up every morning with the blue light (But I immediately put on my safety goggles to protect my eyes).

In my opinion, though the price is quite high, the long-term benefits make it well worth it. I would pay, one time, about 140$ to relieve my depressing SAD symptoms every winter, when ever I need it. But that’s just my opinion.

How about you? Ready to chase the blues away?

To your health & happiness,



If you have any more questions or opinion on this device, let me know in the comments, o.k.?:)



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