Lightphoria Energy Light Lamp Review (2014)

The dark and grey days of winter are just around the corner, and this means, to many of us, turning into a pumpkin from Sept-April.

Like me, you probably become grumpy, seriously tired, craving some energy and even depressed or anti-social.

Bright light therapy can be a life saver in the winter, especially if you live in the northern latitudes of the US.

Lightphoria Energy Lamp

Lightphoria Energy Lamp

SAD Light therapy is a convenient and effective way of making up for the lack of light, without the need of medication. It’s helpful for winter blues, sleep cycle disorders, jet lag, shift work disorder and even mild depression.

But is the Lightphoria a good buy?

Lightphoria SAD Lamp Review

If you’ve done your research, you’ve probably noticed that almost all SAD light lamps cost more than 100$ (I’m talking about LED devices, not the fluorescent ones). Except for the Lightphoria 10,000 LUX Energy light lamp.

Why does the Lightphoria cost only 74$? Does it mean it doesn’t work as well as the other more expensive ones?

You’ll find the answer here, plus a detailed comparison between Lightphoria and other popular SAD lamps and light boxes.

Does it Emit The Necessary 10,000 LUX?

More than a few studies have found that you’ll need exposure to full spectrum light to get the most benefits of SAD light therapy. Full spectrum is 10,000 LUX.

The Lightphoria has selectable intensity levels – LOW (5,000 lux), MEDIUM (8,000 lux), and HIGH (10,000 lux). You can use the less intense settings for reading or as a bedside lamp, which makes this option a great bonus.

The Lightphoria is small, the light source size is only 6in by 4in, so it doesn’t take much space, but you’ll have to be 12-24 inches away from it for it to work for you.

What is the Best Treatment Time?

All you need is about 15-20 min of light exposure, but you can go up or down depending on how you feel.

Is it Easy To Use?

The Lightphoria is a solidly constructed and doesn’t have any fancy digital display or flashy buttons. It has 7 basic, self-explanatory functions and it absolutely easy to use.

Other light boxes, the more expensive ones, have all those fancy Iphone like buttons, or a touch screen, which in my opinion is just a reason to bump up the price to the unreasonable range.

It comes with a back stand too.

Does it Stimulate Vitamin D Production?

Vitamin D synthesis in the skin requires ultraviolet light, optimally in the 290-300 nm wavelengths (UVB). Most SAD lamps specifically filter UV light to avoid eye damage. So no, it won’t stimulate Vitamin D production and won’t have a tanning effect.

Does the Lighphoria Have a Timer?

Yes, it has a programmable 15, 30, 45 minute timer. When you get up in the morning, you can set to 15/30 minutes, place it 12-24 inches away from you and read, watch TV or work on your computer, what ever you want as long as you stay near it.

Even 20 minutes are enough significantly improve energy levels and regulate sleep patterns.

It doesn’t have an alarm clock feature.

Is The Lightphoria Safe?

The Lightphoria does NOT emit any UV light and is safe for anyone. But, to be on the safe side, do not look directly to the light source, to protect your eyes.

Is the Lightphoria Portable?

The sleek and compact lightweight design is perfect for travel and it comes with a 110v-240v worldwide-compatible AC adapter and a nylon travel case. But, it’s not battery-powered and uses a power cord. The cord I got in my case is about 6 & 1/2 feet long.

If a battery option is important to you, you can check out the Lumie ZIP, but it costs more than a hundred dollars more than the Lightphoria.

How Long Will it Last?

LED lights are designed to last for more than 50 years, even if you use for an hour every day. The Lightphoria comes with 1 year warranty and the bulbs are replaceable.

Is it Less Effective than the Big Light Boxes?

Light boxes and lamps come in different sizes and shapes, but the size doesn’t change the effectiveness of the treatment. For example, the Naturebright Suntouch (fluorescent light) is much bigger and therefore not portable and not designed to take with you. The only advantage in larger light boxes is that you don’t have to be as close to it as the smaller ones.


As I mentioned before, the Lightphoria is not battery operated and the table stand is not adjustable. Also, if it’s important to you – It doesn’t have extra features like an alarm clock with sounds of birds chirping. For that you’ll have to add more than 50$ to your SAD light box budget.

For example, the popular Uplift Technologies SAD lamp (which costs about 130$) has a few more features, such as bigger light source size and a hole in the back so you can hang it on the wall. Is it important? It’s up to you.

What About Other Light Boxes?

Below you can a table of comparison between the top rated SAD light boxes/lamps to help you decide:

 BulbsSize & WeightTimerIntensity LevelsAdjutable AnglesRechargable BatteryWarrantyPrice
LED 6 x 6.5 x 1 inches

15.8 ounces
3 settings: 15-30-45 minutes.3 levels: 5000 LUX / 8000 LUX / 10,000 LUXNoNo1 year74$ on Amazon
Uplift Technologies
Fluorescent4 x 21 x 16 inches

1 pounds
No2 Levels: 7000 LUX / 10,000 luxYesNo2 years132$ on Amazon
Day Light Sky
Fluorescent13.8 x 10.5 x 27.2 inches

8.2 pounds
No2 levels: 5000 LUX / 10,000 luxYesNo5 years139$ on Amazon
Litebook Elite
LEDSize: 5 x 5" x 1 inches

Weight: 11 ounces
4 settings: 15-30-45-60 minutes.NoNoYes2 years178$ on Amazon

 Bottom Line

The Lightphoria is budget-friendly yet high quality device that does the job it promises to do. It works pretty much like the way the sunlight sheds your room in the morning and forces you to wake up.

The full spectrum light will give your body the missing light it needs to relieve your SAD symptoms, and this little device is not any less effective than other more expensive light boxes, which explains the high user ratings it has on Amazon (one if the highest I’ve ever seen for a light box so far).

You’ll have to sit closely to it and it’s not battery operated, but all in all this is one of the most cost-effective light boxes in 2014 and definitely a good buy.

Some people notice the positive effect after the first treatment, others may feel them only after a couple of weeks. So don’t give up or decide it’s not working for you before you give it enough time. Use it every day, not when you remember to. For the best results always use the highest setting – LUX.

The page for the Lightphoria Energy Light on Amazon is HERE.

If you have any more questions about this Lighphoria SAD lamp review, feel free to use the comment section below – I’ll be more than happy to answer any question you have.:)

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  1. sue Metzger says

    I have adult onset macular degeneration in its early stages. Will the lightphoria energy light damage my eyes further? I also have SAD.

    Sue Metzger

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