Blue Light Therapy Reviews – The 2 Best Home Devices (In 2014)


If you’re here looking for blue light therapy reviews, I’ll assume you already know about the proven benefits of blue light treatment for acne.

If you don’t, I’m happy to inform you that blue light therapy was proven time and time again to be an extremely effective method to destroy acne causing bacteria – Without antibiotics, and without disgusting chemical creams.

And thankfully, in 2014 you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for endless sessions of blue light therapy. You can use the same technology at home with your own blue light therapy device (available to you 24/7) , and save tons of money (and a lot of time).

The only question left is which blue light therapy home device is the most effective acne-killer?

Which one will exterminate your acne faster? and better? How to choose the right one for you? Which one has the best return on investment?

Since this is not as simple as choosing a new lamp for your bedroom, all the these questions have to be answered BEFORE you buy your blue light therapy home device. (Unless you don’t mind a huge disappointment and money wasted)

Do All Blue Light Home Devices Work in the Same Way?

Blue light is actually a specific wavelength, in the 450 nm – 850 nm range and yes, all blue light home devices emit the same blue light.

Blue light therapy basically takes the bacteria OUT of the equation. Many studies have found it to reduce acne by up to 80 (!!) percent. If you combine it with proper cleansing you can take charge of your acne safely, without medication.

But, some devices only offer blue light, and others combine red and infrared light as well. The reason for this was that some studies have found that combining both blue and red light makes the treatment even more effective.

Red light therapy can heal wounds faster nad has the ability to fade and prevent acne scars. If you want to treat acne scars and speed up the healing of your skin after the acne bacteria is killed, you may want  to consider getting a blue & red light therapy device.

Are All Blue Light Therapy Devices Safe?

Generally, blue light therapy has no known side effects, it has no UV rays in it,  and is safe for almost everyone, except for people with Bi-Polar disorder, who should avoid exposure to blue light therapy.

I would suggest going for only FDA approved devices, to be even more on the safe side.

Important Features to Check Before Buying Your Blue Light Treatment

Below are some of the most important features you’ll need to look for before buying:

1. Treatment time – Obviously you want the minimum required treatment time (unless you have some time to kill..). Treatment time depends on one main thing: The treatment head size.

The bigger the treatment head, the bigger area it covers and the less treatment time you’ll need.

2. Blue Light / Blue + Red Light – As explained previously, some devices, like the popular Baby Quasar Blue, only offer blue light, while others, like the Lighstim Acne, combine both blue LED bulbs and red ones.

3. FDA Approval – Anyone with good hands can make a blue light therapy device. I would want to know that someone checked the safety of my device and approved it.

All 3 of the devices you’ll see below are FDA approved.

4. Price – I don’t know why, but the prices differ significantly. You’ll have to find the most effective blue light device for you, with a reasonable price to go with it.

5. Warranty – What if you device suddenly stops working after 6 months? Or a year? Some companies offer 1 year warranty, others offer 2 years. Big difference.

Blue Light Therapy Reviews – The Top 2

 The following 3 blue light therapy devices are all FDA approved, all of them have at least a 1 year warranty and their user ratings are all high.

One of them only has blue light, the other two combine both blue and red light emitting LEDs.

Baby Quasar Blue


Baby Quasar Blue

The BQ Blue treatment head can cover about 1/6 of your face. That means you’ll need 12 minutes of treatment to cover your entire face, for example.

BQ Blue combines blue and violet LED lights and is well built and easy to use.

It has good ratings from users on Amazon, even from the skeptics. You can see all of them HERE.

Downside – The Baby Quasar Blue does not combine red light with the blue light. As I’ve mentioned before, combining red light will make your treatment more effective and faster. You’ll have to buy the Baby Quasar Plus to combine the red light into your treatment, and this will cost a lot of money.

The price seems high to me, but for ab acne sufferes who hasn’t found a real cure and wants to avoid the harsh drugs, it can be worth every penny. You can see Amazon’s today’s special price Here.

Lightstim Acne Light

Lightstim Acne

Lightstim Acne

Lightstim Acne seems like a much better buy to me. The reasons: The treatment is larger, which means less treatment time. It combines both blue and red light (plus infrared light!) in one device, and the price is lower than the BQ Blue.

User ratings on Amazon are also high, and I would recommend for you to choose this one over the over-priced Baby Quasar Blue.

See this table of comparison between a few popuar blue light therapy (or combined with red light) home devices for acne, to help you make a better choice:


Blue Light Therapy for Acne Comparison

LED Bulbs
Treatment Time (for face)
FDA Approved
Baby Quasar Blue

Baby Quasar Blue

Blue - 400+12 Violet

12 Blue
12 min. (once a week)1 yearyes21% discount on Amazon

Lightstim Acne

Blue - 450 nm - 850 nm

Red - 450 nm - 850 nm
725 min.2 yearsyes2% discount on Amazon

Verilux Clearwave

Blue - 414 nm

Red - 660 nm
Not published15-30 min.1 yearyes20% discount on Amazon


Blue - 430 nm

Red - 632 nm
Not published5 min. Blue

5 min. red
1 yearyes399$ on Amazon

Any questions? Comments? Would love to hear from you!:)

To your health & happiness,


* Have you ever tried blue light therapy for acne? Share your story in the comments below…


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