Tanda Clear Plus Review (& Comparison with Tanda Zap)

tanda clear plus review

Don't you wish you could replace the pills, the gels, the lotions, the facials and the expensive dermatologist with one natural treatment that'll finally clear your acne…fast? Well, you can stop wishing and make it come true - Today. Blue light therapy is scientifically proven to destroy … [Read more...]

Lightstim Acne Light Therapy – A Detailed Review

lightstim acne light review

Yes, what you've heard about blue light acne treatment is true. In just minutes a day, blue light acne treatment CAN heal your existing blemishes, calm redness and inflammation, minimize future breakouts and keep your skin clear – Without drugs, skin-drying chemical creams and without any side … [Read more...]

Healing with Light – The Astounding Benefits of Light Therapy (Science-Backed)

light therapy benefits

How was your day today? Did you spend it, like most of us, hiding from the sun? If you're not a farmer, a construction worker, a landscape architect or a tour guide – You probably did. Either at home or at the office, you spent most of your day indoors. And if you happened to go outside, you … [Read more...]

TENDLITE Joint Pain Relief Review (Is it Just an Overpriced Flashlight?)

Tendlite review

1 minute – Twice a day. According to TENDLITE manual, that's all you'll need to get a dramatic (and drug-free) joint pain relief. If this is true than this red light therapy home device, which looks like a regular LED flashlight, is probably the easiest and fastest joint pain relief method on … [Read more...]